Saturday, 29 July 2017

Holiday Blog 2017

On Friday we went to the movies and i saw Bradley and we were watching the war of the planets of the apes and it was kind of a sad movie and it was the Apes v Kopa and it was cool and it was awesome and i wish there was a 2/3/4 and a finale part and at the end Cesar died so i wonder when the 2 part comes who will be the new BOSS!


Yesterday we played Rip pa rugby.We got to the park on the bus so we played our first game. My feet were so cold so i still played anyways and we had a captain and the captain was NEHE! and  we played paper,scissors rock  to see who stars with the ball first and we won so we had to start with the ball so we ran and we nearly score a try. Charlie ran and we got a try so we celebrated so loud and it was fun playing with my friends and i enjoyed the part when i Dab  when i got a try.

Maori-Hand games

At Maori-Hand games it was my first day at Maori-Hand games. I bet it will be my best day of my life at Maori-Hand games. when we got there i had a number and m y number was 2 and that was the string game and it was so Medium cause it was so hard  but it was fun as well cause i learnt so much skills. I need to work on the Koruru  it was so challenge the third drill. My challenge was to beat my buddy so much times but it turns out that i lost every match so now it's go time i whispered to myself so now it round break time Jacob lets go and i win YEEEEESSSS!

About me

Kio ora. My name is Nehemiah and i am a year 5 student. I am 9 years old and my teacher names are Mr Moriarty,Mr Cooper,Mr Blakey. My favorite sport is rugby,cricket,soccer. My favourite  friends are Bradley,Van,Camo,Hunta,Paris,Mitch,Noah. My school is Parkvale school.


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Appearance: the possum looks like a grey animal and  when it is night and you can’t  see their skin but you can see the white in its eyes .  Their claws are so sharp. Same with their teeth.

Habitat: they live in a forest  and they suck up the roots on the tree.

Diet: bird,fly,worm,apple,animales,slugs,snakes,grass,nut,grains,rodens.

Pests: there claw are sharp and there teeth are spiked  in the forest they suck up the stuff from the tree. They also eat our native animals in the forest such as kiwi,fantail,kea,pukeko,tui.

Writting blog post

Bill  Mathewson park

On the field when i look across, it is massive and  there are four rugby pools I can see. The reason i like it is because it is not a bad field but it is a perfect field  and i run faster on that field. The ground is nice and soft and the grass is short.  And when we train i am the fastest out of all of the forwards in my rugby team. And in training I always go rough and I hear i hear a thump when  they hit the ground and then the coach tells me to go soft and then I say why? Cause you might injure somebody for the good game that we are gonna win. “Ok then,”I say. The reason  why I go rough is cause i do not want people to bowl me over. Also I don’t want them to tackle me so hard as well or fend me away from the ball.