Friday, 15 April 2016

My Beast Learning

My Best Learning

This is my… letter

I am proud of this because… I tried my best changing some words in my letter and changed my I’s  

My biggest challenge was… I didn't know what to write.  

Thanks for taking three days of work and driving us to where we supposed to go and to camp. Thanks for turning the music up when we wanted to sing the music. and  tIll  we got there.  Where we had to go. And helping me when I wasn't in your group.  and telling me what to do In  when I got to weka. And telling me it wasn't scared  on the weka bridge cause I was scared  and it was shaking.
And I thought it will fall.

At the bamboo forest found a real bamboo stick. and we put and I went to play with it and I went in the base and left It there so nobody gets it  and I went to get some sticks. to put in the base. So my base friends can not steal it because that’s the game.  
Thank you for coming to camp.