Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My holiday

On my holidays me and my family went to the movies. on Friday  we watched the BFG and it was  so cool because we ate Chocolate ice cream, pop corn, and  drinks my mum had coke and my dad had coke as well and I had sprite and my sister had Fanta. When the movie started me and my sister were walking around and we were just siting in the front of my dad and mum. and at the end of the movie everyone just walked out of there seat and then just walked to the exit. and we went to the fish 'n' chip shop and it was so yummy. I love school holidays because I get to spend more time with my family.
It was fun at the movies it was my first time at the movies and it was a big crowd and we sat at the very top because we thought we might hurt our ears.  It took so long, it took 2 hours but I fell asleep in the parts. and this part was so funny cause the BFG had to eat with a big fork,