Wednesday, 16 November 2016

litirecy blog post

For my literacy I chose to do writing about the  BFG and we had to retell the story and I enjoyed doing this.
                               By Roald Dahl
Once upon a time a little girl name Sophie.  was walking into a hallway. and then the girl it was so tired and it walked outside and she saw these three man walking outside. and the man tipped over the rubbish and then they walked away. and then some one put it back up and then the girl opened her eyes so wide that she saw the some one put it back up. and then the giant saw the little girl sophie and then the giant came running  like a cheetah and tried to get the girl.and the giant got the girl and the giant ran as fast as a fast like fast  across a ground,  jumped over the house, rivers , they got to their secret cave and the girl said why did you grab me for.
Cause you might tell everyone and then tell the news lady and then it will be all over the internet and also the news.

And then everyone will come to the cave and break all my stuff. What stuff said the little girl. Ok it’s like science stuff said the giant. Then show me then. Ok.when they got there it was amazing said the girl. Now can we leave. No can you show me how it works. Ok so it's like science. Where Noo ok don't you understand my brothers  will eat you ok i am not going with you  cause my brothers will eat you for sure said the  bfg. No they won't. Yes i am telling you the truth they will eat you for sure. Ok i will go by myself then if you won’t go with me then. After 35 minutes she came back and she was not even eatin. What!! Haven’t you got eaten yet said the BFG. Yes i have not at all giant i will never get eaten anyways said the girl. The next day the giant brothers came over looking for the girl cause she stall something from our home that we live in so we came to crack all your stuff that the stuff that you have and where is your science stuff that you have  it’s you go through a river and you have to pull this stick. So then the giant grabbed the girl the girl and put here in a good hiding spot that they won’t know. The biggest giant sniffed the girl and he found the girl’s blanket and then sniffed the blanket and then sniffed it and then sniffed the girl and then he got the girl where she was. And then the girl ran into the water pipes and then he smashed the pipes and then she landed on a tree inside the cave  and then the giant said where’s the girl. The brothers said the girl is here so the brothers spread out then came walking towards the the pipes and the tree and then the girl just jumped out of the tree and then ran as fast as she can and then ran to the the giant’s pocket and then the the brothers said I can smell the girl cause I have the  blanket and then brother's gathered around the blanket  and the  brothers said I think i can smell the girl it’s on in the tree I think yes let’s crowd the tree so that she can’t get out of the tree and the brothers put their eye in every hole and then the biggest brother said no she is not in the hole and the brothers check every where and the giant said get out and the the giant grab a bucket  of a hot water and he tipped it on the brother’s and then the brothers ran as fast as they can and then the brothers went back to their rusty old grass house and the blacket the sleep with is grass and the warm thing is the dirt.


  1. That's a cool story Nehemiah keep it up.

  2. well done love the story sounds like the actrail story