Thursday, 31 August 2017

Quick Write Blog Post

At the day i was a child i was dreaming of a being a good All Blacks.When i grow up as a teenager i am gonna go and be in under 20 for the Hawks bay  team and when i see the selectors for the All Blacks i will get very rough and make into that team. One day in bed in the night i have heard my mum calling somebody for 15 days  and a plan for somebody so i wondered if that was the special weet-bix that i ordered online. That weet-bix is not just a weet-bix it has a card to train with them and the  good skills for rugby. so it is 8:00 in the morning i heard the bell ring and i said to myself is that the special weet-bix  i ordered so i open the door with excitement and it was the cake for my little sister birthday thank you i said with not that much excitement so i said to mum can we decorate  the party ok she said so we  have done the decorate so my little sister brushes her teeth and she comes down and she had a real massive scream when she saw this cake and the bell rang again and then i said i will open the door so i open the door and it was the special weet-bix so i had a massive scream and i opened the weet-bix and when i put my hand inside the weet-bix i could feel it coming and then i touched  hard part and i pulled it and it was the card yes! So i quickly ran to the All Blacks card achievement and then i ran and i see NEHE-MILNER SKUDDER on the way there so i gave the card to him and i got dressed there at there so i trained with happynest.

           THE END