Saturday, 29 July 2017

Writting blog post

Bill  Mathewson park

On the field when i look across, it is massive and  there are four rugby pools I can see. The reason i like it is because it is not a bad field but it is a perfect field  and i run faster on that field. The ground is nice and soft and the grass is short.  And when we train i am the fastest out of all of the forwards in my rugby team. And in training I always go rough and I hear i hear a thump when  they hit the ground and then the coach tells me to go soft and then I say why? Cause you might injure somebody for the good game that we are gonna win. “Ok then,”I say. The reason  why I go rough is cause i do not want people to bowl me over. Also I don’t want them to tackle me so hard as well or fend me away from the ball.

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